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Tips For First-Time RV Snowbirds

September 26, 2023

As a new snowbird, you should make arrangements to prepare both your vehicle and home before departing. Preparations measures could include turning off internet and cable services; forwarding calls to a landline phone; stopping paper delivery service etc.

As part of your preparations, it will also be necessary to find a house sitter or someone to look after your home while you’re gone. Other steps could include automating bills and setting up mail forwarding.


Know What You Want

Snowbirds travel in recreational vehicles throughout winter months to warm southern states to escape cold, snow and ice conditions. Publications like Winter Texan Times and Snowbirds RV Traveler magazine cater to this growing market.

RV snowbirds appreciate the carefree lifestyle provided by RV parks without age restrictions during peak seasons, giving them more time to see more of America. Unfortunately, however, some parks may impose age restrictions.

When considering an RV lifestyle, ensure you know exactly what you want out of it. If possible, test drive one before making the commitment for an entire winter season.


Set Up Your Finances

By purchasing an RV, you are joining an active community that understands both its challenges and joys. Be aware of what financing options are available before purchasing an RV. Your credit score can play an integral part in what type of loan and at what rate you can obtain financing. A good credit score usually ranges in the mid-700s and will help you secure a lower interest rate.


Test It Out

If you are planning on buying an RV and traveling full time, attending at least one RV show is recommended to meet other travelers and get advice from experts as well as explore what options may be available to you. At these shows, experts provide guidance while fellow travelers share what makes RVing appealing as a lifestyle choice.

Before your first RV adventure, create a packing and planning list to assist in packing all of the necessities – including RV-friendly toiletries and bug spray. In addition, keep spare batteries, power strips, and GPS handy so that you can stay on course during your travels.


Rent an RV to Test the Waters

Without the means to own and maintain their own RV, first-time snowbirds may find renting is the ideal way to sample the RV lifestyle. There are various companies that rent Class A, B and C RVs from Class C models on up. Additional expenses such as taxes, insurance premiums, and campground fees should also be taken into consideration before transitioning into RV living.

If renting, make your reservations early! Many popular snowbird destinations become fully booked a year in advance. Furthermore, seek out RV rentals with trip cancellation and interruption insurance that covers cancellation for health or unexpected circumstances, easing your mind about such a large financial commitment as renting or buying an RV.


Plan Ahead

Becoming an RV snowbird involves more than simply packing up and driving south for several months at a time. Proper planning and preparation must also take place.

No matter if your goal is to join an RV community and form lifelong bonds, or explore various communities, planning ahead is vital for an enjoyable snowbirding experience. Many popular snowbirding destinations fill quickly during peak seasons and it may be hard to secure parking spots during this period.

By considering these tips ahead of time, your transition into snowbirding could become much less daunting and stress-inducing.

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