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How to Work Remotely While Camping

June 26, 2023

Working remotely is a glorious thing…it allows you to travel and enjoy nature at your own pace while earning a living. But it also can be challenging to combine work and making the time to explore new places at a leisurely pace.

Follow these tips for staying productive on the road!


First…What is Location Independent Work?

Location-independent work allows you to take your career and home office with you wherever life may lead, offering opportunities to travel the country, explore wide open natural spaces, and meet new people.

If you plan to camp while working remotely, it is essential to plan ahead. Book well ahead of time for cheaper campsites for longer stays. When researching campgrounds and RV resorts, make sure they have good electrical hookups and WiFi to ensure your devices have strong signal strength and get a cell signal booster such as WeBoost.

Although not suitable for everyone, working from the road while on vacation is something many can achieve successfully. Just be prepared for unexpected hurdles – such as internet outages or unexpected construction issues which may disrupt your day – as well as inclement weather that could change plans unexpectedly.


Choose a campsite with good Wi-Fi

Working remotely while camping is a great way to experience nature while meeting important work tasks or deadlines. Many state parks provide Wi-Fi that can come in handy when finishing reports or sending important emails; alternatively, mobile data plans allow accessing the internet over your cell phone hotspot.

If you plan on doing remote work while camping, selecting an appropriate campsite is paramount to success. Look for one with a strong WiFi signal, shaded areas to work from and plenty of electrical outlets; ideally, find one with fewer people and distractions as this will allow for greater focus and productivity.

Mobile internet access can often be taken for granted, yet it plays a vital role in why so many people choose camping and working at the same time. By being prepared and knowing what to expect when you’re on the road, it can become less of a daunting experience than originally anticipated.


Keep your devices charged

Working remotely while camping presents unique challenges. But with properly charged equipment and backup plans in place, you can remain productive even while out in nature. Consider investing in noise-canceling headphones if possible; they will help keep the noise down at your campsite and allow you to focus on work more easily.

If you’re using a mobile hotspot to access the internet, make sure it has enough battery power to maintain an uninterrupted connection. Consider bringing along an external battery pack or solar chargers as additional backup, so your devices have enough juice when they’re needed.


Take time to enjoy camping while keeping productive

By keeping organized, having a set schedule, and setting up an office within your tent or RV (or even at a campground picnic table!), you can remain productive while still having an amazing adventure experience!

The challenge for any remote worker, when they are traveling, is having a set working schedule while also making time for rest, relaxation, and exploration. It’s a delicate balance! Plan for work days and adventure days, and always keep in mind any deadlines you have to meet. The key is to not get burned out. Some people are more productive in the early mornings, others are night owls. Know when you are at your most alert, creative, and productive, and plan your work during those hours.


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