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5 Ways to Unplug and Relax on the Road

December 21, 2021

Let’s face it. The entire world seems to be online. We are constantly bombarded with tweets, emails, and other digital hullabaloo. Some of it is necessary for our daily lives, and some of it is just plain indulgence. And sometimes we indulge a little too much in our online lives, so much so that if we’re not careful, can reach unhealthy levels!

Despite the modern RV having all of the comforts of home with the latest gadgets, the RV lifestyle is perfect for ditching the phone and the computer in exchange for relaxation, fresh air, and outdoor activities. Not only is it healthy for our body, but the mental health benefits are many. It’s a wonderful way to truly unplug. Here’s how.

Plan Ahead

Before you arrive at your new destination, do your research ahead of time. Find things to do and see, where to eat, and write them down before you take to the road. You won’t be tempted then to get online to find out later on. This is also a great opportunity to get to know the locals, by asking them about the best restaurants, attractions, etc.

Let everyone in your party pick a favorite activity to do that doesn’t involve gadgets. Bring the phone and computer only if it is essential for communication and work purposes, otherwise, put them firmly away. To make it even more fun for your crew, put all favorite activities in a hat and draw one out each morning.

Let Your Hobby Shine

Downtime in your RV means you can finally devote time to those pursuits you don’t normally have time for. Do you or the kids play a musical instrument, or want to learn? Do you wish you had more time to knit, to write, to bird watch, to fish? This is the perfect opportunity to dive into those projects put on the back burner.

Board Games are So Underrated

Rediscover the simple joy of sitting around a table together and playing a series of board games and card games. With your favorite snacks and drinks, this is about as good as it gets when unplugging and bonding with your family and friends. The kids may grumble at first that they can’t text while waiting their turn to play, but soon everyone will be having fun and not thinking about their next tweet.

Get Some Exercise

Go for a heart-pumping walk at a nearby nature trail, bike together as a family in the park, bring the pooch to the nearest state park. Most of all, get some fresh air and take advantage of all the amenities we have at Treeside Resort! Take a dip in our pool, get a workout in at the gym, and get ready for our all-new amenities coming soon, such as a playground for the kids, and ball courts.

Prepare Meals Together

Sharing a meal with your loved ones is an age-old tradition that is celebrated by nearly every culture. It’s a great way to try new recipes and to get the young ones involved in the art of cooking and baking. There are so many tasty RV camping recipes out there. Look up a few online before you go, write them down, and prepare to feast!

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