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Easy Ways to Stay Healthy for RV Living

February 11, 2022

Eating Healthy Shouldn’t be a Challenge

There’s so much out there to temp our tummies – much of which is not healthy. And when we’re traveling, it’s all too easy to want to try every restaurant you pass by. But since you’re in an RV with a kitchen, you have no excuse not to cook most meals “at home.” Here’s some fine tips:

• Meal Planning. Plan lunch and/or dinners in advance, say weekly, then hit the grocery stores. This saves time, money, and allows you more control over your diet. A weekly meal plan eliminates the stress of scheduling stops at fast food restaurants or gas stations where the vast majority of the food is processed and full of grease.
• Snack well. Avoid unhealthy treats such as nachos and candy. Instead, opt for items such as trail mix, Greek yogurt, fruit, or beef jerky. Avoid eating while driving, too, as you tend to zone out at the wheel and eat more than you think.
• Use that grill! A good RV grill can cook more than steak or chicken. Marinated and grilled the right way, you can prepare your own meals that can rival any steakhouse. Grill your vegetables and yes, even fruits to create unique dishes with amazing flavor.

Your Workout Routine

No matter what your fitness level is, there are ways to use your RV as a sort of workout station. In fact, the RV itself can become an exercise tool. The doorstep is good for step-ups and leg lifts. Stand outside and lean again the RV for wall planks or wall squats. You can also use the ladder for climbs, or lie on your back, propping your feet up on the running board to do glute bridges.

For some, exercise equipment is a must, and those that travel well and can fit into tight spaces are yoga mats, small hand weights, tension bands, and a jump rope. RV living practically begs you to escape to the outdoors, so bring those bikes, hiking poles, kayaks, snowshoes, or other similar equipment for epic outdoor adventure to keep fit. Spending a quiet few minutes in the morning out in nature with your yoga mat can be an incredible experience.

How exactly you’ll decide your workout routine will depend largely on the trip you are taking. If there are lots of active outdoor activities to be had, base your workout on those, then round it out with something like resistance training in your RV in the off days. The best takeaway here is to synergize your workouts with your environment. Be adaptable. Look at your natural environment to see what can double as gym equipment.

There are so many ways to escape the bulge, workout more, and eat better, even in your RV.

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