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What to do During a Rainy Day at Treeside RV Resort

April 24, 2024

At Treeside RV Resort, even a rainy day is an opportunity for excitement and laughter! Don’t let the rain dampen your spirits, but instead, view it as a chance for reconnection and memory-making. Here are some ideas of activities to enjoy during a rainy day at our family-friendly Texas campground!

Visit the Water Attractions

A little bit of rain doesn’t matter if you’re already in the water! If there is only light rain, our water amenities will stay open at the discretion of our staff and safety officials. Rain or shine, have fun at our two pools — one family-friendly heated pool with fun zone, and one adult-only lounge pool. Make the most of your vacation and see why we’re one of the best RV resorts with water amenities in Texas!

Board games at Squirrely's Tavern at Camp Fimfo Waco

Board and Card Games Galore

Gather around the table and dive into a world of (mostly) friendly competition with classic board and card games. Bring out the Monopoly, go-fish, UNO, and more for hours of fun! Games are a great way to stay entertained, even in your RV!

Guests reading in a Coyote Cabin at Camp Fimfo Texas Hill Country

Dive into a Good Book

Rainy days are always great for settling in and picking up a good book. Curl up and immerse yourself in a new literary world! Treeside RV Resort is always a great place for relaxing, so continue the relaxation by reading!

Chill out at Your campsite

During any RV getaway, some good ol’ rest and relaxation is always good to have on the agenda. Vacation is a great time to reset and enjoy slowing down for a while. From the comforts of your RV, spend a rainy day unwinding.

Guests playing games in a cabin at Camp Fimfo

Classic Old-School Games

Bring back nostalgia with classic old school games like “telephone,” where messages get hilariously twisted as they pass from person to person. Other fun games to try include charades, or even Pictionary. Take this time to connect with your family or friends at our Texas campground.

Movie Marathon

If you have access to streaming services, rainy days are a great time to catch up on the latest hit shows and movies. Or, if you’re feeling sentimental, watch a throwback that the whole family loves. Get into the camping spirit while at one of the best campgrounds in Texas for families!


No matter the weather, our Texas campground is your gateway to memorable family moments. So, when the rain comes pouring down, embrace the opportunity for indoor adventures and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Happy camping!

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