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The Benefits of RV/Boat Storage at Treeside

April 14, 2022

People buy RVs because they offer the freedom of exploring the country without having to book accommodation. However, storing an RV is not usually top of mind, but is a necessity for many. The reality is that RVs are cumbersome and bulky, making storing them at home difficult. The same is true of your boat, travel trailer, or other recreational vehicles.


There are some added benefits to renting storage space for your RV or boat that will help to outweigh some of the inherent challenges. Whether you spend time on the water or on the open road, by choosing a storage unit that best suits your activities, you can put more energy into the enjoyment they bring, and less into the logistics.


Are you in need of a storage unit to store your RV, boat, or other recreational vehicle? Contact us at Treeside RV Resort to determine what size unit will best fit your storage needs.


Not convinced? Here are the top reasons why every RV owner should consider RV storage.


It Frees Up Space


Storing your RV in your garage or somewhere else on your property may seem like a good option at first, but it’s likely to take up a fair amount of space that could be better utilized elsewhere. To be fair, most garages will not even fit an RV! Instead, use any extra garage space for all of the outdoor gear you’ll need for your RV adventures such as bikes, kayaks, and fishing gear.


Increase Security


Owning an RV or boat is one of the biggest (and best) investments you can make. So it’s in your best interest to protect it. Storing it at home leaves it vulnerable to theft and/or vandalism, but RV storage facilities provide a more secure option. We have secure storage facilities that are safe and affordable.


Improves the Lifespan of Your RV or Boat


In addition to being safe and secure, an RV storage facility will also help protect your RV or boat from the damaging effects of weather and other natural elements that can affect its mechanics. Left to the elements of rain, wind, sun, and snow, these can harm your vehicle and shorten its overall lifespan. When it’s kept under a roof, you help protect it from Mother Nature and can grab it and go with ease. Keeping it in storage also protects it from insects and other critters.


Close Proximity to Treeside RV Resort


You don’t have to be a guest at Treeside to rent out one of our storage units. And when you’re ready to bring your RV out of storage, we’d love for you to come stay with us! Guests receive $10 off the regular storage rate. Our resort has a ton of amenities to keep you engaged, having fun, and most of all, relaxing.


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