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Benefits to RV Living in Texas in Winter

October 4, 2022

Every year as the weather in Texas begins to cool, a pilgrimage of sorts takes place. Thousands of people gravitate to Texas from their homes up north to enjoy winter living a little easier down south. The average temperature during this time of year hovers around 76 degrees F with an average of 25 inches of rainfall.

It’s called being a Texas Snowbird for a reason. The term was first used in 1923 to give a name to seasonal workers who moved south for the winter. By the late 1970s it became a commonly-used reference to the large number of retirees who flocked to the south.

As such, there are many reasons why this happens. Here are just a few.


The Sense of Community

Many people have second homes here in Texas, but many more get in their RVs and drive down here, pick a perfect camping place (like Treeside RV Resort) and settle in for a few weeks or months. RV parks in particular have developed a great sense of community among the longer-term residents. But no matter whether you’ve just met a fellow RV camper or have been neighbors for a while, the sense of community in these spaces cannot be beaten. You will instantly make friends.


Location, Location, Location

Neighborly vibe notwithstanding, central Texas offers uniqueness for seasonal residents. It is truly one of the best places for snowbirds: natural scenery with abundant wildlife, a subtropical climate, and lots of outdoor activities for both young and mature. With the mild climate, majestic oak, maple, and pecan trees are in flourish, creating a lush environment. When fall comes along, all of those leaves create a color show of vibrant oranges and reds around the last week of November.



With the summer crowds gone, many places tend to lower their prices, so RV camping here is more affordable. And with gas prices going through the roof recently, the prices here tend to stay below the national average. That’s important for RVers!


There is Much to Do and Explore

Hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities during fall foliage make for stunning scenery. Without the threat of snow, these activities can be enjoyed year-round in Texas. The nearby metropolis of Houston, Dallas, and even Austin is not too far away, with all sorts of special events, expos, and entertainment that cater to the snowbird crowd.

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