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Be a Good Neighbor, Best Camping Etiquette

December 5, 2022

There seems to be one in every campground. You know the group I’m talking about – those that for one reason or another just don’t seem to know how to behave themselves. They may be loud, inconsiderate, obnoxious, or any of a thousand other annoyances. In short, they don’t have respect for others around them and are focused solely on their own fun.


Most of us don’t want to be that guy. The vast majority of us are respectful neighbors, but if you are new to camping and want to fit in, make sure you’re following these basic camping etiquette tips.


  • Leave your campsite the way you found it
  • Pick up after yourself, and also pick up any litter you find that has been left
  • Keep late night campfire conversation low
  • Never look into others’ tents or RVs
  • Walk around others’ campsites, not through them
  • When walking through the campground at night, keep your flashlights pointed toward the ground
  • Keep your pets under control at all times


Many people return to the same campground year after year, and so have developed a camaraderie with other campers who do the same. When that happens, it’s a special thing and makes camping that much more fun. Having said that, campers are a welcoming bunch, so if you are new, they will welcome you with open arms as long as you stick to the etiquette!


Tips that will make your fellow campers love you.

When you first arrive at camp, set up your campsite quietly. Now, we’re not saying you have to tiptoe around and speak in whispers, just don’t immediately start blaring the tunes and generally engaging in obnoxious behavior. Yes, we know you’re excited to finally be on vacation, on that yearly camping trip, or even a dream vacation, but being suddenly interrupted by boisterous people can get under the skin of even the most understanding of campers.


This is especially true if you arrive after sunset.

It comes back to the old adage of putting yourself in another’s shoes. Do unto others…that sort of thing. We all do it when we’re excited – we are so in the moment and in our own fun zone that we don’t take that mental step back to consider others around us and the fact they are trying to catch a few Z’s in their tent.


Come to think of it, that does not apply only to camping, but to life in general.


Here’s one other tip that will make you fast friends at the campsite.

If you have extra firewood you’re not using, consider leaving it stacked neatly near the fire ring or pit on your last day before you leave. The next party that enters the campsite will have one less thing to do and will be very grateful for having received the random act of kindness.


Practicing good camping etiquette is a good habit for all campers to do. Keep up the common sense, always be considerate, and you’re bound to be a good neighbor on your next camping trip!


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