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8 Best Brunch Spots in New Braunfel

August 18, 2021


There’s no denying it. A good brunch not only fills the tummy, it brings people together. What could be better than breakfast mixed with lunch? It’s the best of both worlds, as far are we’re concerned. Here in New Braunfels, brunch spots are plentiful. Come fill your body and soul with these great brunch restaurants.


The Buttermilk Café


Offering one of New Braunfels best breakfasts menus, The Buttermilk Café offers both sweet and savory in one fell swoop. By this we mean their infamous chicken and waffles. For those with a more traditional breakfast craving, we suggest The Café Breakfast, offering the classics on a big breakfast plate that sets you up until dinner. Get there early to avoid a line but if you don’t, you can nurse a delicious coffee while you wait.


Union Station Diner


This is where “the friendly folks meet and eat.” It is a neighborhood diner, after all! Located in New Braunfels’ historic district, greasy spoon, here you come! And being a neighborhood hangout also means Union Station is easy on your wallet. All of your breakfast favorites will be here, including custom omelets and Belgian waffles. But latecomers beware – they close at 2:30 pm.


The Downtowner


Housed in an unassuming whitewashed façade, inside are breakfast delights so yummy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t come here sooner. With fresh-from-the-farm eggs, single source coffee, locally-sourced veggies, and an amazing variety of proteins that will keep you humming with delight. No need to wake up early for this gargantuan meal, rather, come later for their great happy hour deals. Try the chicken biscuit sandwich with honey butter, it’s divine.


Naegelin’s Bakery


No brunch spot list would be complete without a shout out to the almighty pastry shop. This one’s a doozy – it is the oldest bakery in Texas. An unbelievable 150 years in operation and counting, it is also one of the oldest continuing operating businesses in the state. The Granzin family still runs the bakery, and strives to maintain their special blend of consistency and quality into each sweet pastry they sell. Their strudels and kolaches are the stuff of legend. They also have delicious desserts for later in the day.


Fork and Spoon


With a motto like “perfection takes time” you know the place is good. The food here at Fork and Spoon is made with so much love, people linger here for a reason. It’s just like a big hug from your grandma. You should order their French toast, prepared fresh with their in-house Challah bread – a truly decadent delight. The menu offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch specialties, so check their menu before coming so you can order quickly and enjoy!


Los Gallos Taco House


If you love your breakfast south of the border, come to this Mexican restaurant, rated in the Top 10 for Mexican restaurants in the area. Here in Texas, one can hardly escape the cravings of Mexican food; it is a staple after all. Their huevos rancheros, migas, and the coveted churro – all are prepared fresh and with love from their kitchen to your belly. True to their heritage, they also serve tacos in all varieties, and with their extensive menu, it’s best to choose wisely.


Crosswalk Coffeehouse


A favorite of New Braunfels residents, this is the best specialty coffee and breakfast crossovers in town. They serve both delicious breakfast and lunch fare every day until 4 pm. Their specialty coffees will have you coming back to try again and again, such as the Caramel Monkey-ato or classic White Mocha.


2 Tarts Bakery


Another bakery staple in New Braunfels, 2 Tarts serves up amazing quiches and quality espresso made with care using manual presses. We won’t even talk up their spectacular desserts since this is a brunch post (but we just did, so there you go). This bakery may will turn you from a tourist into a resident. Yes, it’s that good.

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